Other Reviews

“Seeing Ashley for a massage was always a pleasant experience; she would listen attentively to the issues I had and address them in a timely fashion during each session. As an athlete it’s important for me to recover quickly, and having Ashley help with active stretching and pain-relief techniques was invaluable. I would definitely recommend her to others.”  -Samuel H.

“Ashley is great. Very professional. I could not have gotten thru 3 months of No Weight Bearing confinement when I had a Jones Fracture without Ashley. She came to the house weekly to massage and work on my neck, back and shoulders. She kept me pain free. So thankful for her.”  -Bonnie D.

“From the first massage, I felt like Ashley was truly interested in me as an individual. Her professional expertise, her innate skills as a healer, and her generous heart combine to make her a wonderful therapist. She works with ease and fluency. Full-body work and more targeted massage have both been helpful for me in rejuvenating my body and mind. I can’t imagine a more thorough, considerate, cheerful, or talented massage therapist.”  -Javier G.

“Ashley’s massage therapy relieves my neck spasms and the pain caused by hours of painting at my easel. She reduces the stress related muscle contractions which cause debilitating headaches and loss of strength down my arms.  With her ability to find the source of the problem, and to help artists and musicians regain their strength, I consider her massage an important part of my health and artistic well-being.”  -Katie B.

“Ashley does remarkable work. A true professional. When I went to her with a specific issue, she responded with compassion and great technical prowess. Ashley is a true student of the technical art of therapeutic massage. I would highly recommend her.”  -Rolf K.

“Ashley is attentive to both wants and needs as she applies just the right touch to an aching back, tired legs or a stiff neck. I’d recommend her handy work to anyone!”  -Carey M.

“Thank you for working me into your schedule on such short notice! Having an unexpected injury is so inconvenient, but it’s comforting to know that I have a knowledgeable, personable, and skilled professional just a phone call away. I’d like to go ahead and schedule an appointment for the day of my next race so I have something to look forward to. Thank you!” -Dave H. 


The Compassionate Touch
Ashley Shears, LMT
Louisville, KY
(502) 414-1863