Sarga Bodywork

Sarga Bodywork: 90/$130 – 120/$160

Members: 90/$115 – 120/$140

Different from Ashiatsu but just as lovely, Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage method that incorporates the use of a fabric strap fastened to the massage table instead of overhead bars to deliver slow, deep, myofascial techniques. This fabric strap is used for stability and adds tensional and gravitational force by pulling up on the strap while applying downward pressure. The tensional force is then transferred painlessly to the client’s body using the broad surface of the foot to facilitate less restriction and more ease and relaxation in the client’s body.


Sarga Rx: 90/$130

Members: 90/$115

Sarga Rx is an interactive Sarga session where you work together with Ashley to stretch and loosen your body. This technical work encourages a more efficient and “stacked” postural alignment while increasing body awareness and creating a greater sense of ease and freedom within your body. Different from Ashley’s ashiatsu stretching, the massage table is on the ground and you are clothed. Men wear briefs/running shorts and women wear running shorts and a tube top/bralette. These are preferred over sports bras so we can access your pectoral muscles without the interference of bra straps. Women may also wear a tank top with bra straps tucked in.

Ashley is one of the first eight graduates world-wide who is certified in this technique! How cool is that?

In this video, Sarga Rx is shown on the floor.  This video also shows where Ashley took her training, on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.



  • Please note that all services are strictly therapeutic and professional.
  • Any inappropriate conduct will result in immediate termination of your service, with full payment of all scheduled services required immediately.


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