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What is Ashi-Thai?

Simply put, Ashi-Thai is a combination of compressive techniques and passive stretches. The movements are an expression of traditional Thai massage and have been modified for the use of overhead bars to avoid bending and lifting. It is performed fully clothed without any oils or creams.

How does Ashi-Thai compare to traditional Thai massage?

In traditional Thai massage, the client lies on a mat on the floor while the therapist uses his/her arms, hands, and thumbs to move and stretch the client into different positions. In Ashi-Thai, the client lies comfortably on the massage table and the therapist primarily uses his/her legs and feet to move and stretch the client’s body while using overhead bars for balance. Sen lines (energy lines) are an integral part of traditional Thai massage and, although they are not studied during Ashi-Thai training, they are affected throughout the movements of Ashi-Thai.

What are the benefits of Ashi-Thai?

Like traditional Thai massage, Ashi-Thai is effective in relieving stiffness and tightness in the client’s body. Many believe that stretching and massage therapy have proven beneficial for chronic conditions such as low back pain, high blood pressure, depression, stress and tension.


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